I thought I was so prepared. Everything on the birth preparation checklist was done. The white, freshly painted dresser was brimming with adorable outfits that had been washed and organized. Everything I could possibly need for a baby-plus many things I didn't need...were ready to go. It wasn't until after my beautiful baby was born that I looked back and realized that the memories I thought would stay so fresh for so long were already starting to fade, and I hadn't even thought to have someone record this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event. 
Of all the things that were within my control, it is the one thing I regret most about the birth of my first baby.
Fast forward to birth #2...This time I knew better than to skip the pictures! I asked my sister to do the honors, and she obliged, snapping shots with my smart phone throughout the labor and delivery. While I am extremely grateful for these pictures and still look back at them often, they were taken in relatively low light with a camera phone, and they are not usable for prints or a birth story. If we are ever blessed with another baby, I will absolutely be hiring a birth photographer!
It may be tempting to think that you can just have your husband, Mom, sister, doula, etc. snap some photos along the way, but trust me when I say that when the time comes, you will want them to be holding your hand, not a camera. You will also want them to be fully present and able to experience every breathtaking moment with you in person, not through a camera lens.
As your birth photographer, I will capture and preserve the moments and details that make up your unique birth story and help you never forget the overwhelming love and joy you felt that first moment you saw and held your precious, newborn baby.
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