Hood River is an epic place to live. It is pretty much a photographer’s dream, and it was not easy to narrow it down to only five locations because there are so many amazing options! That being said, here are five of my absolute favorite places to take portrait photos in (or very near) Hood River, Oregon. 
Isn't this a stunning location? The best part about it (besides the breathtaking waterfall and luscious forest greenery) is how accessible it is. There are several waterfalls just off the paved walking path, and this one shown in the photo below is just a stone's throw away from the parking lot! It's a great way to get that outdoor, adventurous look to your photos without having to travel far. 
This is a low-key, easily accessible location with plenty of shooting options. If you want an up-close view of the Columbia River with space to walk barefoot in the sand, this is the spot for you! It is great for family shoots, senior sessions, engagements, and more! 
OK, this one might seem a little obvious, but with all the scenic natural landscape that surrounds our little town, it's easy to forget how picturesque Hood River itself is! I particularly love starting out down around Industrial Avenue for its awesome brick walls, and cool, industrial looking buildings. From there, I like walking up toward the heart of Hood River and taking advantage of the various historic buildings, fire escapes, and alleyways to use as epic backdrops. 
Downtown is a fantastic spot for a senior photo shoot, and it also works great as an engagement photo location for those who want a more urban vibe. I don't recommend it for families with young children because of the nearness of traffic and possible distractions. 
#4- Panorama Point
This spot has an amazing view of Mt. Hood, and it's just a few minutes south of Hood River off of Highway 35. During spring and early summer, there is a variety of wildflowers that can be found sprinkled throughout the surrounding fields, and the view of several orchards down in the valley is spectacular!
This is a great little out-of-the way location that is easy to access but still super close to Hood River. If you haven’t been there, it’s only about a five minute drive down Dee Hwy. 
There’s a grassy park area that is great for families with kids to run around and get some fun action shots as well as a path that leads to beautiful, close up views of the Hood River. 
The only downside to Tucker Park is that it closes seasonally, so if you would like to use this spot, make sure to schedule your session after March 31 and before November 1. Thankfully, that leaves us with most of the nicer days that we would want to be outside taking pictures anyway! :) 
This article is far from an exhaustive list, but I hope it gave you some inspiration! What is your favorite spot in or near Hood River to take photos? 
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