Whether you are a real estate agent, rental agency, or a home owner planning to rent out or sell your property on your own, getting professional photos of your property is absolutely essential. 
Recent studies show that home listings that use photos taken by a professional photographer sell 50% faster than homes that don’t, AND they sell for an average of $11,000 more. In addition, 98% of homebuyers judge whether or not to do a walk through of a home or property based on the photos they see online first. 
Professional photos help make the best first impression possible on you potential buyers. 
With the improvements to cell phone camera technology, some people decide to take their chances and try it themselves. While this is absolutely possible to do, professional photographers know how to take photos in the most flattering way while still being completely realistic.
Here is an example from a client of mine. When their rental property became available, they did a few renovations and used an iPhone to take updated pictures for the listing. Even though it was reasonably priced and in a desirable area, after a week, they only had a couple inquiries. I took new photos for them, and within a couple days, they were flooded with dozens of inquiries and got to have their pick of tenants. 
Here are the original photos my clients took:
And here are my photos of the same place:
Wow, what a difference! I truly love helping people make the best first impression possible with high quality photos for their rental or sale listing. 

I charge a flat fee of $195 for any size house or property.
I have a guaranteed turnaround time of 48 hours. You will receive 30+ photos that are sized and optimized for MLS listing in an easily accessible online photo gallery. 

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