There is nothing in the world that compares to a newborn baby. No matter how many babies I photograph, I am always overwhelmed with awe and wonder when I meet them and hold them in my arms. This time is so precious and so fleeting; it's no wonder many parents choose to have a newborn session for their little ones. 
Here I have compiled some tips for you to help your newborn photo session go as smoothly as possible.
#1 Keep Awake
With eating and sleeping vying for position as a newborn baby's favorite activity, this one can sometimes be a bit tricky, but as much as possible, try to keep baby awake for an hour or two before your scheduled shoot. This will help baby be ready for a nice long deep sleep and make it so much easier to get those adorable sleepy baby shots. 
#2 Loose Diaper, Snug Swaddle
As the time for our session approaches and right before you start step #3, check baby's diaper and replace it with one that is wrapped just tightly to avoid a mess but loose enough that it won't make marks on baby's skin. Then, if you have an outfit you'd like baby to wear during our session, you can go ahead and put it on now. Otherwise, keeping baby in only their diaper, you can wrap them in a blanket or swaddle. This will keep baby warm enough without having to go through the undressing process when I arrive.
#3 Feeding Time
It is best to give baby a nice full tummy right before we start our session. Fully fed babies are much more likely to be happy and sleepy through our session! (Depending on how long your baby takes to eat, you will probably want to begin before I arrive. However, it will take me a few minutes to unload my car and set up my gear, so you can feel free to have your partner or support person answer the door while you utilize that time for extra baby snuggles and feeding.)
Bonus tip: If your baby is formula fed, keep an extra bottle nearby in case they need a top off during the shoot.
#4 Extra Supplies
It is super helpful to have a few extra diapers and wipes on hand, along with baby's favorite pacifier if you use one.
#5 Relax
It is totally normal for new parents to feel a little bit stressed out about newborn photos. It is also totally normal for babies to wake up and cry at some point. Or spit up. Or poop. Or pee. And it is all OK. 
I will snuggle and soothe your baby, and together we will make sure they are cared for and safe. AND we will get some amazing images for you to treasure forever.
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