Hood River Small Business Feature: Momma Monzie's Doggie Delights
Most people in Hood River know Patti Ann Monzie as the owner/operator of Momma Monzie’s Doggie Delights and baker extraordinaire of quality, tasty, gluten-free dog treats. 
My story with Patti Ann, however, started in a completely different way when she showed up at my door one day to buy an adorable little brown rocking horse for her grandson that I had posted for sale on Facebook Marketplace. 
Have you ever felt a connection with someone before you even really know them, like you can just tell you’re meant to be friends? I think Anne Shirley would call it a kindred spirit. Patti just seemed to glow with heartfelt kindness, and I found myself hoping our paths would somehow cross again. 
Cross again they did, and we found ourselves bumping into each other at craft fairs (she was selling her amazing dog treats, of course, and I was selling handmade cards at the time), a few more Marketplace exchanges and doorstep conversations, and she was even the first one to ever purchase a photography gift certificate from me to give to her son for Father’s Day. (Those photos turned out absolutely amazing, and I’ll definitely be making a post to show them off to you soon! <3 ) 
When I began doing commercial photography for local small businesses, Patti Ann was one of the first to sign up for a session! She was ready for some updated website photos and wanted some fresh social media content as well. It actually ended up being two sessions, one on a beautiful, crisp fall day with her gorgeous Swiss Mountain Dogs, Max and Barkley, and another on location at her “Barkery” on the Heights in Hood River. (1216 C St. to be exact, in case you want to swing by for a visit!) 
Speaking of coming for a visit, I keep a package of Momma Patti’s special dog biscuits on top of my piano right by the front door to give to any pup who happens to drop by. The result? More than one neighborhood dog perks up when they get near my house, hoping to pop in for a treat! 
Do you have any four-legged furry friends in your life? I would love to hear about them! (Just be forewarned...once you introduce them to Momma Monzie's healthy and delicious doggy treats, they will want to keep going back for more!)
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