What is the difference between Birth, Fresh 48, and Newborn photography?
Birth photography covers the time you are in in labor, as you deliver your baby, and for 1-2 hours immediately following the birth. It includes me being on call for you day and night for two weeks before and two weeks after your due date. If your birth takes place before or after that time window, I will still do my absolute best to be there!
A Fresh 48 session is a candid, lifestyle photo shoot that takes place at your home, the hospital, or a birth center during daylight hours within 48 hours of birth. This is an option for people who want pictures of their brand new baby without a full birth session. Fresh 48 differs from Newborn photography in that it does not usually include props, and it is not highly posed. 
Newborn photography takes place in your home when your new baby is five to ten days old. It often includes props, such as baskets, wraps, etc. It is usually more posed than a Fresh 48 session.

What is your style of photography?
My passion is for capturing real life moments as they happen, and my goal with birth photography is to tell the story of your birth through photographs so that you can treasure the memories for years to come. I take very tasteful pictures, and my style tends to be modest. However, birth is an extremely raw and emotional experience, and I do my best to capture the reality of the events of your birth story. We will also talk more before your birth during our meeting ahead of time so that I can get a feel for your level of comfort and the types of pictures you would like to have. 

Will we meet before the birth?
Yes! We will set a time to meet before the birth for several reasons. First of all, I believe that it is so important for you to feel safe and comfortable in your birth space, and one way to help with that is to not have a complete stranger show up when you’re in labor and start taking pictures! I want to make sure you feel comfortable with me and that we are a good fit before you book. Another reason we will get together is to go over the contract and give you a chance to ask me any questions you have in person. I will have questions for you as well, such as what types of photos you want to have taken, your level of comfort with photo sharing, etc. If you are planning a home birth, it would be helpful for us to meet at your home so that I can get a feel for the birth space and lighting. It will also give me a chance to map my route to your house so that I can get there as quickly as possible when you call me. I highly recommend having your partner or main support person such as mom, sister, or doula at the meeting as well so that we can also get to know each other beforehand. Once labor is under way, he or she will likely be the one I communicate with if there are any questions at that point, as you will be focused on more important things!

Will you post pictures online?
I only post pictures with your approval. Many of the photos I take you may want to keep for personal use only, but I will also select a few tasteful pictures that I wish to use on this website and/or on my business social media pages so that prospective clients can see samples of my work as well as for the purpose of celebrating you and your beautiful baby. You will have the final say in the pictures you allow me to post. 

When should I call you? / When will you show up?
It is best if we are in close communication in the days leading up to your birth. I will have my phone on the loudest setting and with me at all times while I am on call for you. Please call me or send me a text as soon as you believe you are in early labor. At that point, I will do my final preparations so that I will be ready to go at a moment’s notice. You should call me again when your contractions are consistently five minutes apart. Ideally, I will arrive when you are in active labor-about the time your midwife arrives or you head to the hospital. 

How long will you stay after delivery?
I will stay for about 1-2 hours following delivery. If other family members arrive during that time, I will also include pictures of them meeting the new baby. 

What if I have a short labor…or a long labor?
Every mother, every baby, and every pregnancy is different. 
I do not charge by the hour, so there is no extra pressure on you about cost if things are not progressing quickly. 
If you have such a fast labor that I am not able to get as many photos before and during birth, I may stay a little longer afterwards to get more pictures of your sweet new baby with you and your family. If, in the very rare occasion that your birth is so fast that I do not make it in time, I will take pictures of your brand new baby and include everything I would normally cover in a Fresh 48 session, and I will refund the difference. 

What if I have a C-section?
There are so many unexpected things that can happen during birth, and whether you are planning to have a C-section, or if it is an unplanned, emergency situation, it is all part of your birth story. If you have an emergency C-section, I will continue taking photos as long as this is something you want (we will talk more about your preferences in our meeting) and as long as it is allowed by the hospital. It is your responsibility to communicate with your hospital/healthcare provider ahead of time to make sure it is allowed. If you are planning a home birth, it is a good idea to check on the policies of your nearest/preferred hospital, just in case! 

Do you use flash?
I prefer not to use flash, and I will do so only if absolutely necessary and if I have your permission ahead of time. The type of flash I carry with me has a diffuser which makes it much less harsh than a traditional flash, and I can also “bounce” the light off the ceiling or a wall to make it much less direct while still giving enough illumination to get a crisp photo. We will talk more about your preferences when we meet together. 

The cost of a full birth session including on-call time, the photo session, photo editing, and full resolution digital copies of the final images is $798. The cost of a Fresh 48 session including all of the above is $399.

When do I pay you? 
A 50% deposit is due when you book your birth or Fresh 48 session with me. This reserves your due date on my calendar. The balance is due four weeks before your due date. 

Can I register with you? 
Absolutely! After you have booked your session, all you have to do is tell your friends or family members that you are registered with Elizabeth Griffin Photography, and they can contact me directly through the “Contact” page on this site. A person or group of people can either purchase your entire package for you at once, or they can purchase a gift card of a partial amount (which I will also track for you). 

When should I book you?
The earlier the better! Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, it’s never too early to get your date on my calendar. Because of the on call nature of birth photography, I can only commit to 1-2 births per month. However, even if you are already approaching your due date, you can feel free to inquire about my availability. I will always do my best to accommodate you, and when you send me your initial inquiry, I will let you know if I have any schedule conflicts surrounding your due date. 

I’m interested in birth photography, but I’m not totally sure yet if it’s for me…
No problem! The concept of birth photography is still pretty new for many people. It’s also totally normal to have a partner who isn’t quite sure how they feel about it. I would be happy to get together with you over a cup of coffee (my treat!) for a free consultation to talk more about it and answer any questions you have. There is absolutely no pressure at all if you decide that it isn’t for you. Head over to my Contact page to schedule your free consultation!

I’m ready to book! What’s next? 
Click on the Contact link in the menu, and it will take you to a form to fill out with your name and email address. In the comment section, please include your estimated due date and the best way to reach you. If you prefer a call or text back, you can make a note of that as well. I’m looking forward to meeting you! :)
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